Try Top 5 Free Utomik PC Games in 2023

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Erica Chiang
July 20, 2023

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Five Must-Try Utomik PC Games: Enjoy Top Titles for Free Today

1. JRPG – Evoland

This is one for the video game nerds out there (so basically all of us). Evoland was first released in 2013, but looking at its graphical style you could easily be convinced you were playing something from much earlier in video game history.
In fact, part of the fun of this little beauty is that as you progress through the game you pick up new graphics, technology, and gameplay.
This means that what starts as four colors and a pixelated 2D character when you first boot up the game eventually becomes an RPG played in a modern, 3D world.
This is clearly a game that evolved from a passion project. The references to video game and movie history are almost never ending. Influences like The Legend of Zelda, Diablo, and Final Fantasy make this game one that really stands out as an homage as oppose to another generic JRPG set in a land of wide-eyed anime.
For those who enjoy this walk through the nostalgia of video games past, Evoland II is also on Utomik.

2. FPS - Borderlands

Borderlands may have been released all the way back in 2009, but there is a reason that it has spawned so many sequels and gained such a cult following.
When it was released, Borderlands was like nothing anyone had ever seen before. If it was just released as an FPS then Borderlands would have been great.
The fact that it was rendered with the cartoony graphics that you can’t ever forget once you have seen them, and that it was a game packed with missions and side quests that moved away from the linear play of most FPS games up until that point combined to make Borderlands one of the greatest video games of all time.
Its age means that there are many out there who will have never played Borderlands and just concentrated on the sequels. This should be considered a video game crime as Borderlands is still a blast to play in the 2020s.
The graphical style actually works here as the game still feels free and new compared to dated FPS competitors that had more realistic graphics that haven’t stood the test of time.

3. Action RPG – My Time at Portia

Sometimes you just need to play a game with an element of whimsy. Something that will let a player take their time without the stresses and instant decision making that can be taxing on the brain after a long day at work.
My Time at Portia is an action RPG/simulation game that falls nicely into this box, one that sets its own pace and reminds a player that not everything in life has to be immediate.
This game looks fantastic – kind of weird considering that the whole plot is that the game takes place long after civilization has been destroyed. Your task as a player is to expand the titular city of Portia, becoming the best builder.
As time passes and tasks are complete a player will gain resources to combine to drive development. For those itching for a fight – and we can all use one once in a while – there are dungeons where enemies lurk and wait to be vanquished.

4. Puzzle – Human: Fall Flat

Puzzle games have come a long way since the days of making Tetris blocks fit together in perfect harmony for hours on end.
In Human: Fall Flat you play as, well, a big wobbly human living in a surreal dream world that he is unable to exit from. If that wasn’t weird enough – and if you reread it, it is – then the blank canvas of giant wobbly man is yours to mold and customize with available outfits in all required classes such a ninja, builder, and chef.
One of the cool things about this game is that it is one that both adults and kids can get a kick out of.
It is not always easy to find a game a parent can play with a child without it being too complex for one and/or boring the other to tears. Human: Fall Flat has a nice mix of physics based puzzles and a unique look that kids will love.

5. Action Adventure – Saints Row: The Third

Explaining a Saints Row game to anyone who has not played one before isn’t easy. It is safe to say that unlike Human: Fall Flat, this is not a game to enjoy with your children.
Basically, think Grand Theft Auto if the madness/randomness/explicitness of that franchise was dialed to 1,000. This gam is wacky, it is rude, and it as wonderful fun in the most escapist way, which is kind of the point of video games anyway.
You could easily eat up your whole trial playing SRTT. It is an open world monster with so much to do and then hours of playability even when the main story has been completed. You don’t really need to have played the first two games in the series to enjoy this – though some light Wikipedia reading of their (bizarre) plots would probably help.
On second thoughts, don’t do that at all.Just get this game up and running and go in blind for a truly once in a lifetime experience.

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