Try Free: Best Digital Fitness Studios 2023

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Erica Chiang
June 14, 2023

Discover the Best Digital Fitness Studios You Can Try for Free Today

Online fitness exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic from Peloton sales hitting an all-time high to boutique fitness studios transitioning their in-person classes to the web. And, with the arrival of the new variants (cough cough Omicron), there is a high chance that the winter is going to be back indoors. But good news: after two years in the pandemic, there are so many digital fitness platforms to meet your health and wellness needs.
Working out is much more accessible with digital fitness studiosWorking out is much more accessible with digital fitness studios
The bad news? The online fitness world is extremely saturated and gets difficult to choose the platform that is most suitable for you. Thankfully many of these services offer a seven day free trial phase to test the workouts and trainers to decide which one works best for your fitness goals and needs.
And, with ScribeUp, managing different health and wellness subscriptions and protecting yourself from unwanted online subscription has never been easier.
ScribeUp allows you to try all the top ranked digital fitness studios without providing your personal credit card details to these companies.
We generate a virtual card for you that keeps your credit card bills safe and never lets you fall for any unwanted subscription for your virtual workouts. With ScribeUp, you can try any of these hot fitness apps that everyone is using.

Stream Classes with Peloton: A Free Trial with Every Subscription

Peloton is one of the most advanced digital platforms for home fitness that brings the highest quality fitness videos, routine workouts, and workout motivation to your home. With Peloton, you can have the best boutique fitness studio experience from the comfort of your home. The best part? Peloton offers a free one-month trial without having to purchase their bikes or treadmills.

Dance Cardio with Cody Rigby: Making Workouts Fun

Train with the best instructor Cody Rigby and get a sweat on instantly after just 10 minutes of a class. He's hilarious, plays great music, and his classes fly by. Cody’s specialty is dance cardio, making workouts fun and enjoyable. Plus, he was featured on Dancing with the Stars and almost won!

ClassPass: On Demand Classes with a Free Month Trial

ClassPass is your one-stop solution for all your health and wellness needs, offering on-demand classes from the best digital fitness studios such as Solidcore, Barrys, Pure Barre, and Y7 Studios. They are offering a one-month free trial in January, so keep an eye out for that!

Y7 Studio: Unique Yoga Practice with a Twist

Who said “Tupac” and “yoga” can't be in the same sentence? Y7 Studio, the most popular yoga studio in New York City, provides unique, candlelit yoga classes that let your body sweat in a heated room while working out to beat-bumping music (hello Drake). You can now bring this incredible experience to your home with Y7's on-demand classes.

obé Fitness: Diverse Range of Virtual Workouts

If you're unsure about the right fitness class or method for you, such as yoga, weight training, or bodyweight workout, try obé Fitness' virtual workouts. The platform offers more than 20 live fitness classes every day, letting you explore a diverse range of fitness exercises and training routines.

Special Strength Training Classes and Dance Workouts

They have amazing strength training classes and dance cardio workouts that will without a doubt make you sweat and smile the whole time. Plus, they're offering a special trial period for $2 for three months.

YouTube Channel: Free Workouts at Your Fingertips

Don’t forget that YouTube also has a multitude of fitness channels offering free workouts for every fitness level and interest. Whether you’re into yoga, dance cardio, or strength training, there’s a YouTube fitness channel for you.

Crunch Fitness: Live and On Demand Workouts

Crunch Fitness offers live and on-demand workouts covering everything from yoga to boot camp classes. You can even incorporate ankle weights into your workouts for an extra challenge. They offer a trial period as well, allowing you to try out their free classes before committing.
So, whether you're looking for a strength training class, a dance cardio workout, or a calming yoga practice, there's a digital fitness studio for you. Remember, many of these platforms offer a seven day free trial or similar offers, so don't hesitate to give them a try! You might just find your new favorite at-home workout.