Cancel Spectrum Subscription: A Guide

3 min read
Erica Chiang
July 24, 2023

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Spectrum Users: Here's Your 2023 Comprehensive Guide on How to Cancel a Subscription

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Spectrum is a popular cable, internet and phone service provider in the United States. While it offers a wide range of features and content, there may come a time when you need to cancel Spectrum services. Whether you're moving to a new location, finding a better deal, or simply no longer needing the service, canceling your Spectrum service can be done in a few simple steps.
A lot of people get frustrated by the fact that Spectrum is notoriously known for how difficult it is to cancel your cable or internet recurring service. Cancelling Spectrum's internet service is cumbersome as you have to call a customer service agent at (833) 267-6094.
In this article, we'll outline how to cancel Spectrum internet in two different ways:
  1. Call Spectrum at (833) 267-6094 (takes approximately 25 minutes)
  2. Use ScribeUp (takes less than 2 minutes)

Call Spectrum (takes approximately 25 min)

Sadly, you can only cancel your Spectrum internet via a phone call (i.e., not via the mobile app and online) We timed ourselves canceling our Spectrum account and it took 25 minutes with hold times.
In order to not be charged, you will need to call 24 hours before your billing cycle and send Spectrum equipment (if you have) to UPS within 14 days of cancellation (free of charge).
You can also go to a local Spectrum store to return your equipment—we don’t recommend this as we had to wait a minimum of 15 minutes to check this off our to do list!
  1. Call (833) 267-6094
  2. Say “Speak to agent” or say “Cancel Service”
  3. You’ll be connect to an agent. Verify your account either through SSN or via text message.
  4. They will ask you a couple of questions on why you want to disconnect your service (Pro-tip: we were offered a better deal on our service when we said “better competitor deal”)

Cancel Spectrum with ScribeUp (takes 2 minutes)

With ScribeUp, managing your Spectrum subscription becomes a breeze. No more waiting on the phone for hours at a time! By canceling unwanted subscriptions in literally one-click, you'll be able to enjoy the subscriptions that truly matter to you — and with ScribeUp, it won’t waste your time!
1-click cancellation with ScribeUp - saves time and money!1-click cancellation with ScribeUp - saves time and money!
This all-in-one subscription wallet simplifies the cancellation process of recurring payments and identifying unwanted subscriptions. By connecting your Spectrum subscription, you can easily cancel (or restart) a service with just one click, saving you money and time:
  1. Go to your ScribeUp Dashboard
  2. 1-Click Cancel
That’s it! So simple and completely FREE! Download ScribeUp to experience subscription power with ScribeUp!
Canceling your Spectrum subscription is quite difficult. With ScribeUp, you can save yourself time and money with 1-click cancellations!

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