Amazon Pay: Cancel Recurring Payments Guide

3 min read
Erica Chiang
June 14, 2023
Amazon Pay offers a convenient way to manage your subscriptions, making it easy to keep track of your automatic payments. However, tracking subscriptions not in the Amazon Pay ecosystem will be more difficult. In this post, we delve into methods for finding and managing Amazon Pay subscriptions through the platform. From tips and tricks to simplify the payment method, this guide is a must-read for anyone looking to streamline their recurring payments, whether you're an experienced Amazon Pay user or just starting out.
How to Cancel all your subscription on Amazon Pay How to Cancel all your subscription on Amazon Pay

How to Cancel Amazon Pay Recurring Payments: Your 2023 Guide

For Amazon subscriptions

These are only subscriptions in the Amazon ecosystem (think Amazon Music, Amazon Prime, and even subscription for toilet paper to be sent to your household every month). If you paid subscriptions through other platforms (e.g., Apple or Google), then the subscriptions wouldn’t appear here. This is not an all-inclusive solution, but certainly a fast way to quickly get most of your subscriptions and recurring payments managed (if you predominantly use Amazon).
  1. Log into your Amazon Pay
  2. Click Check your Amazon Account Pay orders
  3. Click the Merchant Agreements page
  4. Review your recurring payment and subscription arrangements with merchants. You can access detailed information of a specific agreement, payment history, and merchant contact information. This is crucial if you want to keep your updated payment method in check.
  5. Easily cancel a subscription or recurring payment
    1. On the Details page under Manage Merchant Agreement
    2. Click Cancel agreement and confirm cancellation
Note: Please remember to review your updated payment method after cancellation. Automatic payments can still go through if your payment method isn't updated. You can review all transactions made after August 2017.

ScribeUp: The Easiest Solution for Identifying & Canceling Subscriptions

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  2. ScribeUp shows you a simple list of your active subscriptions (some of which you may not know you're paying for)
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