Cancel Subscriptions: iPad & iPhone Guide

4 min read
Erica Chiang
June 14, 2023
Why is it so simple to subscribe with a single tap, but when it comes to canceling subscriptions, it often requires more than 10 steps? This perplexing conundrum leaves many users frustrated.
To maintain a keen eye on your credit card bills and manage Apple subscriptions is essential, particularly if you depend on mobile apps for work, entertainment, or utility. Whether it's Hulu, Strava, or Spotify, most apps you use on your iPhone or iPad come with a price tag, no matter how minuscule it might seem.
Cancel your subscriptions on your Apple devicesCancel your subscriptions on your Apple devices
Experiencing the shock of an unexpected $1199 LinkedIn Premium charge or a $159 ClassPass monthly bill can be challenging. Realistically, if you have an Apple device (like iPhones or iPads), you likely have subscriptions on iPhone that you're unknowingly paying for.
Many subscription services automatically withdraw money from your account without alerting you, thus draining your hard-earned money on subscriptions you no longer use. Subscribing to free trials or even long-term subscriptions often requires just a single click, yet canceling them can be much more complex. Fortunately, there is a solution that simplifies the process of managing your subscriptions, not only on the app store but also directly through your Apple account settings app on iPhone and iPad.

Apple User's Guide: How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPad or iPhone

Though it may be a bit tedious, there's a method to cancel app store subscriptions on Apple devices.
Here are the steps to identify and cancel your digital subscriptions on your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple products.
  1. Tap on your Apple ID Profile (your name at the top of your screen).
  2. Tap subscriptions to see your active list.
  3. Review all your active subscriptions.
  4. Tap on an active subscription you want to cancel.
  5. Tap Cancel Subscription or Cancel Free Trial (in red) on the service’s information page.
  6. Confirm to cancel subscription.
  7. Repeat these steps for all subscriptions you want to cancel.
Most subscriptions will still be available until the renewal date. However, keep in mind that this process only applies to subscriptions you paid for with your Apple ID. Hence, some subscriptions linked to your credit card may not appear in this list.

ScribeUp: A Comprehensive Solution for Managing Subscriptions

Thankfully, a less complicated method to review all your recurring subscriptions exists: ScribeUp! ScribeUp is a FREE Chrome extension that enables you to control your subscriptions all in one place.
Regardless of whether your subscriptions are scattered across multiple cards, Apple IDs, or Gmail accounts, ScribeUp can identify and help you manage them all! ScribeUp can track your subscriptions and manage them quickly and effortlessly—all within two minutes! And the best part is, it's completely free!

Getting started with ScribeUp involves a few simple steps:

  1. Sign-up for ScribeUp
  2. Link your credit cards and bank accounts.
  3. Review all your active subscriptions.
  4. Click Cancel Subscription or choose to keep them.
That's all! With ScribeUp, you regain control over your subscriptions. You can enjoy risk-free trials, manage subscriptions with one click, and even unlock rewards to further reduce your monthly bill by over $12 – equivalent to a free Spotify for the month!

Overview Dashboard: Gain total control from an all-encompassing dashboard.

With ScribeUp, managing any app subscription and other digital services becomes effortless. Download the Chrome Extension today and take control of your subscriptions!
ScribeUp offers several features to help you gain control over your subscriptions:
  1. 1-Click Cancellations: Avoid the risk of unwanted subscription bills by canceling subscriptions with a single click.
  2. Risk-Free Free Trials: Enjoy free trials without worrying about forgetting and incurring recurring fees. We send reminder notifications and protect your personal credit cards from being charged if you forget to cancel before your trial expires.
  3. ScribeUp Cash-back Rewards: Reduce your monthly subscription bills with ScribeUp Cash-back Rewards, earned by shopping as usual on popular sites including Nordstrom, Walmart, Lululemon, Bloomingdales, etc.