Watch The Dropout Free on Hulu: 2023 Guide

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Erica Chiang
July 24, 2023

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Enjoy 'The Dropout' for Free: Your Guide to Watching on Hulu

In the current era of high-quality television programming, it's not a lack of options that confounds us but the sheer volume of outstanding shows vying for our attention. The Dropout, a captivating series that dropout premieres on Hulu in early March 2022, is one such show that has received rave reviews from critics and viewers alike.
Thanks to ScribeUp, you can watch The Dropout on Hulu today without any hassle.
Based on the podcast hosted by Rebecca Jarvis Taylor Dunn of ABC News, this miniseries frames the dramatic and unbelievable tale of the infamous biotech company, Theranos, and its founder, Elizabeth Holmes. This engaging narrative retells the real-life story of how Holmes's decisions and life experiences led her down a path riddled with deceit and lies, culminating in a situation that went terribly wrong.
It's a compelling story of a woman who saw her net worth plummet from $4.5 billion to virtually zero overnight, and it's certainly worth a Hulu subscription. Moreover, you can take advantage of a Hulu free trial with ScribeUp, making it the best way to gain access to free trials for all your favorite streaming services, like sipping on a green juice - healthy and refreshing.
Whether you're keen to dive into The Dropout or explore other content, there are countless reasons to try out Hulu. And with ScribeUp, you can easily navigate everything the platform has to offer. So why wait?

Signing up for Hulu is as easy as pie

You can subscribe through various devices, but here we'll focus on the easiest route: signing up via a PC.
  1. Visit
  2. Choose between subscribing to Hulu only, or the Disney Bundle that also includes Disney+ and ESPN+
  3. Decide whether you want ads, no ads, or live TV
  4. The base price for Hulu with ads is $6.99 per month after a 30-day free trial
  5. The top bundle, including Disney+, ESPN+, and Live TV, costs $75.99 per month
  6. Enter your information and start enjoying the content based on the plan you chose

Introducing ScribeUp

ScribeUp is your secret weapon to fully harness your digital subscriptions. Free trials, like Hulu's, are always enticing, but it's all too easy to lose track of them, resulting in unwanted charges when the trial period ends.
ScribeUp is a Chrome extension that manages your subscriptions for you. It provides timely reminders a few days before your trial is set to end, and with all your trials and subscriptions in one place, cancellation is a breeze.
But the real magic of ScribeUp lies in its safeguard against unwanted charges. Even if you forget to cancel, you won't be billed. ScribeUp protects your personal credit card, warding off unnecessary expenses from subscription services. In this era of streaming TV, games, and music, it's almost indispensable.

Signing Up for ScribeUp

Getting started with ScribeUp is a snap:
  1. Visit
  2. Check your email for the confirmation code and enter it at the prompt
  3. Explore ScribeUp, either to discover a new service to trial or review which subscriptions you are already paying for
This smooth process instantly saves regular internet and streaming users money.
Hulu continues to roll out impressive original programming. Shows of the caliber of The Dropout, featuring talented actors such as Amanda Seyfried, Naveen Andrews, Elizabeth Marvel, Kate Burton, and Victoria Thompson, become even more enjoyable when watched for free with the aid of ScribeUp.
Embark on this journey today and watch the compelling eight episodes of The Dropout's premieres. See for yourself how The Dropout features a tale so astonishing it must be seen to be believed.

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