Watch World Cup Free on YouTube TV: Know How

4 min read
Erica Chiang
June 23, 2023
Every four years – or four and a half years in this case – for around four weeks the beautiful game takes over the sporting world. This year sees the first winter World Cup in soccer history as 32 teams from around the globe will descend on the tiny Middle Eastern country of Qatar in order to determine who the greatest national team on the planet.
The USA is back on the field after the embarrassment of not qualifying in 2018. They are joined in Group B by an interesting trio of teams. England will be the heavy favorite to win the group, but the US can – and probably should – beat both Iran and Wales to advance to the Round of 16. What better way to follow the progress of the US Men’s National Team than watching for free on YouTube TV? And, lucky for you, ScribeUp has you covered with a way to get a free trial of YouTube TV so you can watch the World Cup hassle-free. ScribeUp allows you to sign-up for free trials to a YouTube TV subscription. We will ensure they don't charge you when your free trial ends.

No More Missing Out: How to Watch the World Cup Free on YouTube TV

First things first: YouTube TV is not YouTube

YouTube TV is a streaming TV service. It offers over 100 channels, including NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX. The service began streaming in 2017 and it has been a huge success. It can be streamed on Smart TVs, video game consoles, cell phones, and computers. This is a huge advantage for YouTube TV and it will allow subscribers to watch the 2022 World Cup anywhere they have power and service coverage.

How to sign up for YouTube TV

Signing up for YouTube TV really couldn’t be much simpler. Subscribing is possible through a number of different devices, but this will look at signing up via a PC as it is the simplest way.
  1. Go to and make sure you have a Google account to link
  2. Decide if you want to try the five minute no-strings free preview (a cool option)
  3. Look to make sure you are signing up during a time where YouTube TV has a free trial window. This is usually one week but has been as many as 30 days historically
  4. Chose a plan based on your location and channel lineup/availability. My base plan would be $72.99 per month for 114 channels
  5. Add any premium channels (these often come with their own free trial)
  6. Complete your purchase and enjoy!

What is ScribeUp?

Think of ScribeUp as a cheat code at the end of a free trial to allow you to fully take control of your digital subscriptions. Free trials are always alluring – especially to a service like YouTube TV – but it is easy to forget about them and be charged at the end when really all you wanted was to play for the duration of the trial and get out.
This is where ScribeUp comes in.
ScribeUp is a service that manages your subscriptions so that you won’t have to. You will be reminded that your trial is about to end a couple of days before it does and with all your free trials and subscriptions being handled in one place it is much easier to go in and cancel.
The real trick though is that even if you forget to cancel you won’t be charged. ScribeUp protects your personal credit card and stops unwanted charges from services that drain your wallet. It is a service that is almost essential in the modern age of streaming TV, games, and music.

How to sign up for ScribeUp

Signing up for ScribeUp also really couldn’t be much simpler.
  1. Go to
  2. Click on either the Download Now or Get ScribeUp buttons
  3. Download the extension by clicking the Add to Chrome button
  4. Sign up on the splash page after the extension has downloaded to your computer
  5. Fill in your information as prompted
  6. Check your email for that all important confirmation code to enter at the prompt
  7. Explore ScribeUp by either looking for a new service to trial or by checking what subscriptions you are already paying for (trust me, it is more than you think)
The process is seamless and if you are any type of regular internet and streaming user it will save you money immediately. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar should be an amazing spectacle and watching the games for free using a combination of YouTube TV and ScribeUp couldn’t be easier.