Hulu: Tips to Improve Streaming Experience

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Erica Chiang
June 20, 2023

Is Hulu Worth It? Improve Your Streaming Experience with These Tips

Considering the fact that there are various streaming services that you can make use of, it is quite challenging to remain conversant with all the amazing features that each of these streaming services offers.
Unlike other streaming services, Hulu started as a platform for recently-aired TV shows in 2007, but with time it has developed into a massive service containing original programming, full movies, and live TV options. When you watch Hulu, you can enjoy the content from various screens, with five others having access to a particular account, similar to services like YouTube TV and Apple TV.
Each of the profiles is separate from the other but is at the same cost. Although using this streaming service is not free, it is required of a user to purchase a preferred plan unless they are taking part in a trial plan. When you stream Hulu, you're accessing a vast Hulu's library of content, with everything from classic movies and TV shows to Hulu originals.
Stream Hulu during the free trial version, and you'll have two options available for subscribers; sign up for the free 30-day trial with the Hulu ad-supported plan or choose the Hulu no ads plan. The Hulu ad-supported plan gives you access to live TV channels, including many local channels, and even some Viacom channels. If you're interested in more variety, Hulu also offers live TV streams to its live TV subscribers.
With this, you are granted maximum access to all movies and TV shows, including Hulu's library of Hulu Originals and live TV channels. After the trial, you can decide to cancel or continue to be one of Hulu's live TV subscribers. If you are seeking to get the most out of Hulu, then this article is for you.
Here are a couple of our favorite tips to improve your streaming Hulu experience. You might also consider adding YouTube TV to your media mix for even more live and on-demand content.
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Personalize Your Experience with Profiles
Since you might be sharing your account with others, there are chances that your taste in TV shows and movies will be quite different.
Hulu enables its subscribers to create up to six different profiles in order to enjoy a wonderful streaming experience that will be in line with their personal history and preferences. The way and manner in which the different profiles are created can be quite different, and this is dependent on whether you are making use of a mobile device, a computer, or a smart TV.
In order to create a profile on the web, all you have to do is find your way to the top right corner of your device and click "Manage Profile." The next step is to click "Add Profile" and fill in the necessary details.

You Can Keep Track of Your Content

There is a segment on your account that shows "My Stuff." By making use of this function, you are able to keep track of and manage your favorite content. If you are not ready to watch a film, you can use the option to save it for later, get notified about new episodes, or even catch up on anything before it leaves Hulu. All you have to do is add those contents to "My Stuff" and you can go back there at any point in time to retrieve it.

Get Adequate Recommendations

When you seem to realize that Hulu’s recommendations do not suit your taste, you can help the streaming service adjust to your own preferred taste by making use of the "Like" and "Dislike" functions. With this, you are able to get more curated suggestions from Hulu. The way this function works is quite simple. When you like a movie or TV show, Hulu adjusts its suggestion algorithm in order to recommend other content that is in line with it, while if you dislike a movie or TV show, Hulu prevents you from getting such suggestions and related content from your home screen.

Download Contents to Watch Offline

Just like various other streaming services, Hulu offers its subscribers the opportunity to download their favorite movies and TV shows on their mobile device in order to view them offline.
However, to gain access to this unique feature, it is required that you have an ad-free subscription plan, as this is quite comfortable for situations where you do not have access to internet services, such as on an airplane.
Although, you should know that not all the content on Hulu is available for offline download. You have the opportunity to download up to 25 titles at once on five separate devices, and each of them expires after a period of 30 days.

Pause or Cancel Your Subscription Plan

You can decide to put an end to your subscription plan on Hulu at any point in time, until your present subscription plan elapses. However, if you are considering canceling your subscription plan, or just going on a long vacation, you can decide to pause your subscription plan at no cost for about 12 weeks. And whenever you decide to resume your subscription, all your preferences can be reactivated without having to lose anything.


Is Hulu worth subscribing to in 2022? With the various subscription plans, you can be sure to enjoy the best out of them. In all, knowing whether it is worth it or not depends on what you watch and how you watch. And in case you are thinking about which subscription plan to go for, the streaming service has made it quite convenient, as their offer begins with a free trial which can be cancelled at any point in time.