Kickstart 2023 Job Hunt: Steps to Success

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Erica Chiang
June 27, 2023

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New Year, New Job: Kickstart 2023 with a Career Change Guide*

A new year is the symbol of new beginnings. People set resolutions for the New Year, which helps them improve their lifestyle. These past two years have been rough on us and we hope 2023 will be great and bring many opportunities in our life. One big resolution? Getting a new job. These services can help you get a new job. And, with ScribeUp, you can try all of them for free!
ScribeUp gives you access to free trials of a diverse range of fitness and motivational apps that would keep you fit and inspired throughout the year. These apps will help you in becoming a better version of yourself and ScribeUp will make sure that you don’t have to pay a penny for unwanted subscriptions.
ScribeUp manages all your free trials for you in one place and disconnects from any service that you don’t want to continue. It is completely risk-free and lets you choose the right fitness and productivity tool for yourself.

LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn has been the most popular platform among job seekers to find better opportunities and connect with recruiters. LinkedIn Premium is the paid version of the platform, which provides better opportunities as it proposes your profile to recruiters when they search with relevant words. Premium also comes with free courses to enhance your skill set to further add to your resume.

Wall Street Journal

Often times during interviews, you will get a technical question. Some companies ask about competitors and different businesses, others test your knowledge in the industry. Wall Street Journal is the most prominent business and finance-focused journal. It gives you the inception of how corporates and businesses work and what things you should be wary of before entering the corporate world. Plus, they offer a free trial, which is perfect for the month of January when you are looking for a new job!


One thing that every person should practice is taking notes. Evernote can help you with that. As Forbes said, “Evernote is a powerful tool that can help executives, entrepreneurs, and creative people capture and arrange their ideas. All you have to do is use it.” Evernote is offering a free trial for their premium offering — perfect for when you are taking notes on different career options.

Microsoft 365

One platform to help you with all the documentation. Microsoft 365 allows you to stay in one place and manage different things on a single software. You can prepare your Resume on MS Word with its variety of templates or just simply create a new one, you can build a tracker on MS Excel, or even send emails through MS Outlook. It’s the one stop shop for anything recruitment related.


A lot of startups now require a technical interview regardless if you are an engineer. Many companies require marketers, sales reps, and even analysts to know SQL, Python, and even R. Pluralsight provides you with a platform where you can learn many different engineering languages to enhance your skillset and incorporate them into developing new products. With expert-authored courses and timely assessments to analyze the performance, Pluralsight gives you an edge over others by providing you with the most effective path to building business-critical skills. Now you will be prepared for all of those technical interviews as you enter the coding world!


Coursera is the most popular platform for people to learn new skills and diversify their resumes. You can enroll in courses and complete them at your own pace as most of them are self-paced. The courses will help you improve your skills and prepare you better for technical interviews. Coursera for sure will prepare you for any type of interview out there.
ScribeUp can be your initiator as it has over 80+ supported services that offer free trails on the platform. Through these services, you can refine your skills and polish them to the best of your abilities so that you can secure the best for the future. Visit ScribeUp today and start preparing for a better future.

ScribeUp - Subscribe Smarter with our free Virtual Card