Alitu Podcast Maker: Comprehensive Overview

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Erica Chiang
July 24, 2023

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Alitu: The Podcast Maker App - Everything You Need to Know

With the right approach, podcasting can be quite simple. Instead of having to concern yourself with noise reduction, compression, and normalization, why not consider making use of an app that takes care of it for you. More specifically, you can use a digital audio workstation like Alitu.
When it comes to achieving success with your podcast episode, despite the challenges that might occur, such as editing and producing, it is best to make use of an efficient tool like podcast recording software. This makes podcast production easy and ensures high audio quality.
However, instead of stressing yourself out trying to learn certain recording and editing software such as Adobe Audition, Hindenburg, and even Audacity, there are modern web-based tools that can help quicken your post-production process and make it easier and faster for you to create your episodes.
Everything you need to know about a Alitu Free TrialEverything you need to know about a Alitu Free Trial
On the other hand, Alitu is a web-based app that helps users create podcasts as easily as possible by taking their raw audio files and helping to convert them into a unique audience-growing show. With Alitu, you are able to turn and clean up your audio recordings, thereby saving you stress, time, and unnecessary fuss. This is particularly useful for split track recording, allowing you to separate each speaker's audio for cleaner editing.
Alitu’s user interface is as intuitive as it gets, and users are able to easily orientate themselves with the layout. This podcasting recording software opens up on the tool’s home page where you are able to add new episodes, edit the details of each episode, and view previous material.

Why Consider Using Alitu?

Most people seem to like a tool that does a particular thing, and does it appropriately. Alitu can be considered one of the best podcast recording software for this purpose. For those looking for a tool that enables them to create their podcast episodes at an easier and faster rate, and with great sounding episodes, then it is advisable that you consider trying Alitu, as it is definitely worth the hassle.
Firstly, you can begin by uploading your audio content or recordings into the app. Then, Alitu begins to work on the recordings by cleaning up the content, performing certain procedures such as volume leveling and noise reduction, before finally popping them into the episode builder. Here, your theme music is added automatically, with fades added between sections. You can also decide to drag and drop in regular clips, which include intros or adverts, and the clips can be edited in order to remove certain mistakes made during the course of production.
Furthermore, with regard to its simplicity, Alitu offers a single universal with either a monthly or annual payment with similar features regardless of your selected plan. To try out the app, Alitu offers users a 7-day free trial to check out the app and see how the tool will help them achieve the best out of their production.
After the free trial, Alitu will then charge you for either the monthly or annual subscription to continue making use of their service. If you tend to forget about canceling your subscription, ScribeUp gives you access to free trials like Alitu.
With Alitu, you are able to enjoy easier and faster podcast production, and ScribeUp will ensure that you do not have to pay for unwanted subscriptions by allowing you to manage all of your free trials in one place and disconnect you from any streaming service you do not wish to continue using. It is important to note that ScribeUp is absolutely free and enables you to select the best tool for yourself.

What Makes This Podcast Maker App Unique?

Alitu is quite unique in the sense that it makes the whole process very easy and simple, and also offers you maximum control over your audio recordings. Therefore, while most podcast maker tools take care of the hosting and reduce the editing options, Alitu, on the other hand, gives you full control over both.
Another amazing feature on Alitu is the ability to manage audio and video files. This is where you are able to create a video version of each of your episodes right within the app. By displaying an image, title, and a moving wavelength over your audio, you are able to upload this on various social media platforms, such as YouTube.
Now, let’s take a look at how to make a podcast quickly and easily in Alitu. With a free trial, here is how this podcast maker app helps make your podcast.
  • Audio cleanup such as volume leveling and noise reduction
  • Upload an external audio recording
  • Make a call right within the app and it's ready for editing
  • It includes fades and theme music
  • Access to a free music library
  • Podcast particular audio editor to remove mistakes


For those who want to try out podcast production for the first time, Alitu is a good choice to consider, as it is simple, easy to use, and quite affordable.
By making use of Alitu for your podcasts, you are able to enjoy the advantages of using the best podcast maker app for creating your podcast episodes.

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